Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Ten Best Comic Book Video Games Ever Made!

Comic Book Resources included Sam & Max Hit the Road on their preferred list of comic books adapted to games . TAKE A LOOK


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  2. Say Steveie, I was wondering, regarding this damsel in distress moment from the game.
    Ever thought about making one for the next season?
    It basically came to me after seeing this.
    But than again in S&M universe, only Sam, Max and Sal are anthros (if you don't count the mole people), so I can't imagin a female noir style entering all of a sudden, besides, we already delt with noir in 3rd season. =P

  3. Hey, Steve, did you know that Sam and Max Hit the Road was also on this top ten list too?

    It's number 6 here.

    Yep, I'd really like it if LucasArts rereleased this game... I want that to happen this year. And I want Freelance Police too.

    Steve, will you please acquire the rights to those games from LucasArts for me? It would make me very happy!

  4. Whoa! Thank you for posting my fanart here, Boza :D

    You can't never get enough of noir, my friend. Ever ;)

    As for anthros, there's the rats from Mars...Sam and Max's octopus friends... and Mack Salmon, I don't think he counts as an anthro... oh and the neighborhood rats, who are not person-sized.

    On topic: HTR has a very well deserved place on both those lists. Sigh, I miss LucasArts... they used to make great games.

  5. City of Heroes and Freedom Force? Those aren't really comic-based...

    But congratulations on Hit the Road making the list, Steve. It definitely deserves it!

  6. It deserves kudos on story & soundtrack as well.