Saturday, September 8, 2012

Play Sam & Max!

The first Sam & Max comic appeared in print 25 years ago. A few more followed, then some LucasArts strips, an Adventure Game, Trade Paperback, a Network Animated Series, a couple of unrealized games >snif<  but then...

Telltale Games jumped in. They were able to actually achieve something others couldn't, creating downloadable games on a schedule. Sam & Max were one of Telltale's early licenses. The series would be like a TV show, a few hours of gameplay for each installment delivered every month for the duration of the series. There have been three "seasons", Sam & Max Save the World,  Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space, and Sam & Max The Devil's Playhouse.

In between releases Telltale created Sam & Max shorts,  made sure the games could release on as many platforms as possible and nurtured a fan community. They also re-released my comics collection, Sam & Max Surfin' the Highway, and made sure the fans were supplied with Sam & Max
t-shirts, art prints and other doo-dads.

Everything Telltale learned from each game release they were able to apply to subsequent licenses, the most recent being The Walking Dead series which is a critical and commercial hit.

If you've yet to try Telltale's Sam & Max games they have a promotion celebrating the 25 years since the launch of the characters . You can find the details and the platforms listings HERE.

I've got some other things brewing (as you may have guessed) and will fill you in as they take shape.

I thank you. Sam & Max thank you. And uh,... God bless America!