Saturday, September 8, 2012

Play Sam & Max!

The first Sam & Max comic appeared in print 25 years ago. A few more followed, then some LucasArts strips, an Adventure Game, Trade Paperback, a Network Animated Series, a couple of unrealized games >snif<  but then...

Telltale Games jumped in. They were able to actually achieve something others couldn't, creating downloadable games on a schedule. Sam & Max were one of Telltale's early licenses. The series would be like a TV show, a few hours of gameplay for each installment delivered every month for the duration of the series. There have been three "seasons", Sam & Max Save the World,  Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space, and Sam & Max The Devil's Playhouse.

In between releases Telltale created Sam & Max shorts,  made sure the games could release on as many platforms as possible and nurtured a fan community. They also re-released my comics collection, Sam & Max Surfin' the Highway, and made sure the fans were supplied with Sam & Max
t-shirts, art prints and other doo-dads.

Everything Telltale learned from each game release they were able to apply to subsequent licenses, the most recent being The Walking Dead series which is a critical and commercial hit.

If you've yet to try Telltale's Sam & Max games they have a promotion celebrating the 25 years since the launch of the characters . You can find the details and the platforms listings HERE.

I've got some other things brewing (as you may have guessed) and will fill you in as they take shape.

I thank you. Sam & Max thank you. And uh,... God bless America!


  1. we thank you for giving us such pals as sam & max :D

  2. Gosh, it seems like just yesterday I was running the "unofficial" site just out of college... oh, wait, no, that was 18 years ago! My how time flies...

    My wife and I had a blast a couple of weekends ago at Dragon*Con costumed as Sam & Max... lots of people commenting on Max's ears, and those who actually recognized us for who we were were thrilled that somebody else knew them, and thought to put the costumes together! (Pix, if you're curious, on Flickr)

    Thanks for a quarter-decade of hijinks and hilarity!

  3. Bill^2 -- Nice interpretation of the characters so you can wear them without suffocating. Maybe that's what the Lion King-esque stage production should look like!

    1. hey steve. can i call you steve? you are amazing (most people would refer to me as a "stalker" lol just kidding) but ive been trying to find this for a while and wanted to ask you: will devils tree house come out on xbox 360? i love all the games! and i think a more modern but still retro hippy style sam and max tv series and comic book should be remade. I LOVE EVERYTHING SAM AND MAX! PURE GENIUS! :D im only a kid but a big fan and please please please please send a reply to:

    2. also i dont think i will come on here again so please email me dont reply to this message on bloggspot just email me pleeeeeaaaaasseeeeee!?

  4. Steve,
    Thanks for the inspiration! It was a ton of fun wandering the hotels and getting people's reactions... most referenced S&MHTR, which was cool. If you have any interest in higher-res copies of any of the pictures, please let me know (gmail account, billwilliams).

  5. Awesome cosplay and happy 25th!!

  6. Hi Steve,

    I would be interested in doing a German edition of Telltale's "Surfin' the Highway" anniversary reprint. If you hold the foreign rights yourself, could you please contact me at info [a] (substitute [a] with regular at sign)?

    Thanks and all best,

  7. Hey Steve!
    I'm a big fan! I only became one extremely recently by making the choice to buy the complete pack when it was on sale a little while ago. I'd been craving a good point-and-click adventure game for a while at that point and S&M seemed perfect!
    I was wondering if you were interested in coming out here (Here Being Seattle) to possibly go to Emerald City Comic-con! It's a lot of fun and I can guarantee fans will be there.
    Thanks for taking the time to read my moderately long message! (Unless you didn't read it, in which case I'm essentially talking to myself)

    I Will beg, as I have no humility,

  8. Hi Mark--
    I have a lot of friends who speak highly of the Emerald City show. That's one I would definitely like to try. When is it again? - Steve

    1. I just checked the website and it says March 1-3.
      By the way, I love the "Booga Booga" shirt!

  9. Hi Steve

    I'm not certain whether this blog post is the best way to catch your attention, but the community run Double Fine Game Club will be starting to play Hit The Road on October the 27th at 2:00pm PDT - partly because it's S&M's 25th year, but mostly because we love the game.

    If you (or any of your readers) would be interested in joining us to play, talk and reminisce about the game, we'd love to have you!

    Our planning/discussion thread can be found here:

    And our weekly stream/chat can be found here:

  10. Steve, please tell me you or Telltale owns the right to Sam & Max & not Disney. I need to read it.

  11. Replies
    1. Hi Steve,

      Maybe a stupid question but I was wondering if you still have any original comic art from Sam and Max available? I love the guys but I have been unable to find any and would really love to add a page (or sketch or something cool) to my collection.

  12. Dear Steve,
    What are the things you said you've got brewing regarding Sam & Max on the occasion of their 25th birthday?
    Any news soon ? I'm pretty impatient about it..!

  13. @attilalore I hope that it has something to do with Disney's acquisition of LucasArts... and I hope it's something that involves both of the classic Sam and Max games. And why not? Steve Purcell works for Pixar after all, which is owned by Disney.

    Fingers crossed!

  14. Hi Steve

    I was going to ask if you're excited about Lucasfilm coming under the Disney banner, and whether it could put Sam and Max that much closer to the potential of an animated feature. But as you've just pointed out you own it, so I guess it doesn't make a difference. Regardless, I'd be curious to see how 'The Goon' does getting off the ground, as it could pave the way for a Sam and Max feature.

    I actually wanted to bug you about your recent Co-Directing credit, as I've been in a similarly ambiguous role lately and yours was the closest I'd come across that could help me define it.

    Anyway, I hope we cross paths some day. I'd not realized just how much of a fan of yours I was until I researched this issue.


  15. Happy new year Steve!
    No news for a long time, I hope you're doing well and Sam&Max too..

  16. I'm excited about Sam & Max's future, although I imagine we probably won't hear from the duo for a while, since you're involved with such hugely successful companies and the resulting work and yacht parties.

    All the same, I'd just like to add to attilalore's "we're still checking and interested" sentiment. Honestly, the way this franchise has been, I'm pretty confident you could release some Sam & Max napkin-scribble after ten years and still make it good enough to be worth the wait.

  17. nice to see something sam and max related coming in the hopefully near future

  18. At this rate I think what Steve's working on is a Sam and Max tomb to bury me in because I'll have died of old age waiting. I kid. I hope it's a full motion video remake of the original game starring George Clooney as Sam and The Ghost of Sam Kinison as Max.

    1. Also! My belated congratulations on the 25th anniversary. The characters you created all those years ago have set me on a path of madness that has brought nothing but wonderful things into my life including a wife and daughter I adore, a job I was born to do, and a burning desire to make the world that much weirder whenever and wherever I can. So, snark aside, thank you.

  19. Hello, Steve!

    I've got a (hopefully) quick question: is Max's real name Maxwell or Maximilian? In the Telltale games, he's called "Maximilian" a few times (and even calls himself that at least once), but in the cartoon, he's called "Maxwell" twice (both of which being in episodes that you had a hand in writing).

    So personally, I'm leaning more towards thinking it's "Maxwell", but I just wanted to be sure (that, and I'm sure other fans would like to know, too :D). Thanks!

  20. Sooo you know big fan you mr. Purce1l and big fan of sam and max as well. so is anything up or something ?

  21. Hello, Steven! I assume this is the best place to contact you. I just wanted to ask if you don't mind me and some guys from studio making the russian bootleg of Sam & Max show? Sadly enough, it has never been translated into Russian, so we want to fix this. We just want to share this awesome show with as many people as possible. We are currenly working with Cartoon Hangover, making bootlegs of their shows, so we have some experience. Please, reply here and tell me where it is more comfortable for you to contact me. Oh, and if you provide us with scripts for the show, that would be great! Thanks in advance! Looking forward to hearing from you soon! My e-mail just in case slite68 @ mail dot ru

  22. Bonjour, hello,

    Nous sommes de Suisse et je vous écris pour mon fils de 8 ans qui a adoré la premier épisode de Sam&Max hit the road 1993 en 2D. Il souhaite vous dire qu'il aimerait vous aider à créé l'épisode 2 de Sam&Max version originale niveau dessin. Avec les mêmes principes que le tout premier (une carte avec des mondes, une histoire vraiment drôle, dessin en 2D) Car il faut absolument que ce jeux existe! :) Que faudrait-il faire pour que ce soit possible?

    I try to write the same in english...

    We come from switzerland and i write you for my son, he have 8 old years. He wish, to tell you he loves so much the first Sam&Max hit the road (1993) and he want to help you to create the next game with the same story ( a funny story, a map with diffrent world, with the 2D pictures,...) because it´s really neceserly this game exist! :) How it´s possible for make this?

    (Sorry for my basic english)

    I hope you give me a answer for my son! Because he really want Sam&Max (1993 version) live again!

    Thanks a lot for everything!

    Best regards

    Sam and his Liam´s son