Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tattoo Friday #2

Here's a handsome installment to our Tattoo gallery which comes from Mark Gillie. It's an image that I created for the animated series adapted in loving, gory detail for daily wear.
Ink on human flesh 9X14


  1. There's something about skeletons that just screams "hardcore"!

  2. Thanks for the nightmares, Steve!

  3. The most hardcore thing about it is that it's on the chest o.O

  4. am i the only one that think they look adorable that way? xD, indeed the disain is perfect for a tatoo, i was amazed the first time I have seen the tatoo...naw...i still fill a little chocked, but i like it ^^.

  5. was this original to steve or the tattoo artist?
    its very very good.

    I'm jealous as Ive been asking for a tattoo stencil for some time. Just don't want to use something that's ever been done before..

    this tattoo is just insane (and people that is a CHEST tattoo just fyi)