Friday, December 17, 2010

Tattoo Friday #3

I like this tattoo a lot. It uses my roach pin-up from Bad Day on the Moon and depicts it almost like a religious icon. It includes some other insectoid elements I had nothing to do with but have a flavor of Windsor McCay or the Freak Brothers. I don't know who owns this tattoo. Let me know who you are if you like.


  1. Jumpin Jiminy -- I had no idea my arm was on your actual blog! The whole sleeve is actually comic/cartoon insects (archy, Milquetoast, Edward Gorey's rendition of archy, a local (Mpls) comic by Roger Lootine featuring Crunchy, a NYC cockroach, Gorey's "The Insect God" (bottom center in this) and Les Insectes Cyclists, and a piece from The Silverfish Project (comic artists drawing silverfish at conventions). But yeah -- the frontispiece for Bad Day on the Moon is the centerpiece, because I've been a huge Sam and Max fan since they popped up in LA games. I am absolutely full of warm fuzzies that you like it!

    - Regina Powell (