Monday, January 10, 2011

The Bouncer

I love drawing rats and roaches, our tiny, highly adaptable vermin cousins on this planet.
Here is a character designed for either the ill-fated or the not-yet-fully-realized game/movie/whatever, "Sam & Max Plunge Through Space".
He's a bouncer at the intergalactic casino which has been repurposed from the stolen Statue of Liberty, now perched on a remote asteroid.
That story is back in the deep freeze for the time being but imagine my delight when there came a prominent role for a man-sized roach named Sal, designed by Ryan Jones for Sam & Max, The Devil's Playhouse, the most recent season from Telltale Games. I'll post him later. Acrylic 8X10


  1. I always wondered this whole time if Sal's design was influenced by this sketch...

  2. He's very handsome -- and a snappy dresser, too!

  3. I loved the character of Sal. There was not enough of him IMHO ;/

  4. Ill-fated and not-yet-fully-realized games, PLEASE come out of deep freeze. There are people reading this blog that need to play you BADLY.