Friday, January 28, 2011

Booga Booga!!

Here, proudly displayed on the skeleton of William Burroughs, is an amazing item made by a fan and given to me years ago.
The well-executed Sam & Max faces are cast in latex and held in place with Velcro so they can be removed to launder the shirt. The whole thing creates a pleasantly disturbing effect.
Due to what I assume is my chronic lead poisoning I've forgotten the name of the skilled craftsman who presented me this item. If you're out there, please remind me so I can credit you and thank you again.


  1. I vote for a t-shirt with Sam and Max getting out of my bowels!

  2. That is... whoa. That is really, REALLY good.

  3. I second camelo - do you need the creator's permission to use their idea even if it's your copyright? I'd love to get one of these, Telltale are missing a treat ;)

  4. that .. is ... AWESOME!

    looks just like your painting self portrait with the skeleton style of you plus the added bonus of your pals inside!
    i think ernie would have completed the picture but for sam n max lovers! this is insane!