Friday, April 8, 2011

Tattoo Friday #4

Here's a lovely installment for Tattoo Friday. Inscribed upon her living flesh, Lorna sports this gorgeously pixelated tat which depicts agent Mittens, who appears in the LucasArts game, Sam & Max Hit the Road.

Mittens speaks in the growl of a Broderick Crawford and though he has squirreled away an important document deep inside his gizzard, Max does not hesitate to retrieve it, resulting in wacky comic buffoonery.

Created by tattoo artist Ash Ghoulmore at Retro Rebels, in Aberdeen, Mittens may now be content, living forever within the dermis cells of Lorna's alabaster shoulder.


  1. I have your next assignment... but I eated it.

    A Broderick Crawford impersonation, eh? I think it might have been Bill Farmer voicing that crazy kitty, because it definitely sounds like him.

    Would I be correct in assuming this, Steve?

  2. Haha amazing stuff, nice one Lorna.

  3. Lorna? Could she possibly be a friend for life?