Friday, April 1, 2011

From the Ooze

Here's a yellowed, dusty relic from the dawn of the disco era. An early page from the time when Sam & Max was just beginning to break away from the slavish parody of my kid brother Dave's comics and beginning to establish what would eventually become their personalities as we know them today.

Years later I adapted this idea as an actual comic story with real jokes and semi-professional-looking drawings. And years after that the comic story was adapted as an episode of the TV series which actually references and shows onscreen a panel from this story. Like the Native Americans I believe in fully exploiting every grisly hunk of content; from the tough, furry hide all the way down to the lip-smackin' bone marrow. Marking pen on paper 9 X 11g


  1. Hahaha, Sam and Max have a really funny, Aragonesque feel here

  2. There's a lot of fun and energy in this!

  3. Say, does Sam have a tail btw or is it chopped off in an accident involving a threeheaded monkey and Max? <.<
    Love your comics btw ^^

  4. Hey Steve, I love these! Do you have any more of these really early works?
    I kinda hoped that they'd be in the re-release of surfin' the highway. Or were part of the sketchbooks.
    I just love your drawing style so any chance to see where it evolved from would be great! :)

  5. Joop-- Some of the pages I post have made partial appearances in the sketchbooks. I have more of the college strip. I'm reticent to post them because they don't seem that funny.
    Mr Bubby-- I don't think I've ever drawn a tail on Sam but it's not out of the question.

  6. Yeah, I've seen hints of 'm in the sketchbooks. I'd just like to see one as a whole.
    Not as much for the humor, but more to see the evolution of your drawing style.
    I love how their crudely drawn, but how the feeling for light and shadows is really apparent.

    I think, to the fans of your work, their like treasures still left to uncover. So don't be ashamed to post them. :)

  7. Always nice to know that a little kid can crosshatch & draw a phone better than I can. lol.

  8. Just incredible!!! Thanks for sharing this piece of history with us!!!

    I love the "poorly rendered" joke!

  9. any cheap way to make that paper stop turning yellow?

    last cost to me was insane. Just curious how you maintain such art!!!
    My fizzball print is almost, ... well its brown almost.

    Keep the old alive! and rock the new steve!

  10. What I wouldn't do to get my hands on this older work.

  11. When did they become the "Freelance Police"?