Wednesday, July 20, 2011


This must have been done as a convention sketch though it seems overly clean for such a thing. I just now threw some quick color over it on the Cintiq tablet to dazzle the eye and make you think of Laffy Taffy.

Speaking of conventions, I'll be at San Diego Comic Con this weekend and though I'll be roaming free for the most part I'll be attending Dan Scanlon's (Director of Monsters 2) feature mockumentary, "Tracy" on Friday at 5:30 in Marriott Hall 2 at the Marriott Marquis & Marina, next to the Hall A side of the Convention Center.

If you're down there, check out TRICKSTER, a new venue for interacting with comic book creators in a drinking, eating and bookstore environment. I expect to find myself lurking about there at some point.

And if you'd like to say Hi or have me scribble on something for you, I'll be parked at Telltale Games booth #5337 Sunday from 11:00 to 1:00.


  1. Sam's got quite the throwing arm! Booga booga indeed!

    I wish I could go to TRICKSTER one day, but San Diego is so far away...

  2. Aaargh and I picked SDCC this year to not go

  3. Can't go, but I'd love to meet you at a convention in Seattle someday. I'd ask you to sign my Sam & Max messenger bag, if they existed ::hint hint::

  4. I heard today's your birthday. Happy birthday!!

  5. Hi Steve, just stumbled across this blog and blown away by the treasure trove of awesome sketches and concept art, both on here and your SpudVision blog!! Legendary work :)

    I run a design & illustration site called Thunder Chunky where we interview inspirational artists and would absolutely love to interview you for the site if you'd be interested? If you're curious about the site it's here: (the weird name is a Fresh Prince reference!)

    Wish I could have been at SDCC to say hi but alas am stuck over in Liverpool in the UK... not quite so exciting!

    Thanks for sharing so much great work :)

  6. Hey Mr Purcell,

    Thanks for bein' at Comic-Con 2011. It was a delight to meet you. We talked tattoos briefly and I need confirmation that this is in fact a Steve Purcell original illustration (as it's not signed though Wiki claims it's authentic)

    Thanks to anyone who can help.



  7. Daisy L --
    I did do the line art for that piece, though the shadow area has been altered. Someone else has added the digital color. Thanks for asking.