Monday, October 10, 2011

Hit the Road Backgroundorama

Here's the work of a LucasArts fan. He's pulled background art from LEC adventure games including SAM & MAX HIT THE ROAD and presents them clean with none of the gameplay assets included. Browse through his other LEC GALLERIES HERE.
The original source of this post is The International House of Mojo.


  1. Awesome stuff! The world of Sam and Max Hit the Road is suitable for framing indeed!

    Here's hoping that a Special Edition version of Hit the Road brings back these backgrounds (or at least HD updates of them) just in time for the 25th anniversary of Sam and Max! (Fingers crossed!)

  2. awesome background but... no new updates? ç_ç

  3. Pievis-- A couple of things. My scanning set-up needs some attention and I'm considering some broad ideas about what I would like the blog to become.

  4. Hi Mr. Steve,
    I saw this post and I would like to share with you another fan art work. It is based on your art for monky island. I hope this post finds you well. Thanks for your amazing inspiration. I hope you like it.