Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Collect 'Em Trade 'Em!

This image was created for a trading card which I think was part of a Wizard Magazine promotion (wow, the old brain cells are sluffing off like dried rose petals). I was excited that I was going to get a big box of them to hand around because I'm simple, and fascinated by small shiny things. Alas, my comp cards vanished in the ether between the publisher and myself and I ended up with two of the cards.

The image was drawn in pen and ink and color applied in markers to a xerox copy of the line art. I hate coloring with markers but I liked how it turned out, maybe because there's enough black in the drawing to pull it together and I reduced the palette down to a few colors. The subject references Sam & Max Hit the Road which was released on disk in 1994.

Pen and Ink and Marker 8 1/2 X 11


  1. I randomly found one of those on eBay in a batch of cards. It's a great image with the looming sasquatch from Hit the Road in the background.

  2. Sizzling Weasel on a Stick -- the breakfast of champions!

  3. :-)

    I have this image as a poster in my bedroom. Had it for 10 years now. Wonderful memories of the Sam & Max adventure game.

  4. If only Sam and Max Hit the Road would be released on Steam, I'd be so happy!

  5. Markers? So impressive o.O

    There's talk about the 25th anniversary of Sam and Max, are there any plans on this? :D

  6. I WISH I had this as a poster in my bedroom. I love the cool blue colors, the way Sam & Max stand out, the endless details.

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  8. TOMCAT!!!

    Id love a poster size version of this! Where is it??

    I got this as a card with a magazine when the mag released.. no poster existed in the mag.(is it a printout?)

    I LOVE THIS blog!!
    don't be so modest spud! we will keep loving your art until you are long gone trust me!

  9. i got tattooed based on this picture on both my legs. :) i'd be happy to send a photo once Max is fully healed! :D thank you, Steve Purcell, for them characters. :)