Saturday, February 12, 2011

Be Mine...

An old convention drawing with a bit of color added tonight with my clunky laptop thumb pad. Go ahead and print it out for your most beloved loved ones. They'll never stop thanking you for it. 8X10 Pen and Ink


  1. All you guys out there reading this: this Valentine's Day, get her a bazooka! Or a bow and arrow! She could have been into weapons the entire time you've gone out with her and you didn't even realize it until now!

  2. You don't have a tablet, Steve? It looks pretty awesome o.O

    I always find that pic as proof Sam doesn't have a tail.

    Max is adorable.

    "Want to touch my loooove bazuka?"

  3. Well, Max does have the heart of an innocent young waif. He keeps it in the minifridge in a pickle jar next to the squeezy cheese and jackelope jerky.

  4. I bet Max's bazooka's more effective than the typical ''love arrow''