Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What Kind of Dog is That?

In art school I was working on a Sam & Max weekly strip and one episode found Sam & Max walking down the street hallucinating on cherry pie that had been drugged. In one panel they see each other as real animals and I found myself trying to figure out what kind of a dog Sam would be. In the same way Foghorn Leghorn claims to be a Rhode Island Red, Sam from that point on became an Irish Wolf Hound. The proportions don't quite add up but he's well in the ball park I would say.


  1. That would be the best day ever if I was greeted by an Irish Wolf Hound dressed in a sharp suit. That, or else I'm eating too much cherry pie..

  2. Perpetuating the Irish cop stereotype I see ;)

    Kidding aside, have these comic strips been compiled anywhere?

  3. Do you still happen to have those weeklies? I smell a collection...

  4. Funny, I would have pegged Sam as a Viszla or a Rhodey Ridgeback - going from the colouring and floppy ears, that is.

    Irish Wolfies are one of my favourite breeds, though, so that works a treat.

  5. I've also thought Irish Setter, but hey, either way he's Irish :D

    Now if we could just figure out what Max is exactly... he said he's "mostly" lagomorph (Poker Night at the Inventory), and I've heard jokes about him that referenced sharks ._. I do hope it's all joking and he's 100% lagomorph. But with those teeth... you never know.