Monday, November 15, 2010

The Mole Miner

Speaking of "Plunge Through Space", here's a character design-- a hapless Mole Miner enslaved with others of his kind to extract the yummy nougat from the center of his planet. 8X10 Acrylic


  1. Mmh nougat.

    Looks so very nice.

    I am curious, is the line work acrylic as well, or inks?

  2. Great drawing. The Mole Men look far more intimidating with the claws and lack of fur.
    They're still adorable, though. And I imagine grating.

  3. My comment was going to be, "Mm, nougaty," but maritzac beat me to it. I like his miner's hat. Primitive, yet effective.

  4. That looks kind of awesome. PLEASE uncancel this game, and Freelance Police, so that your fans can finally experience what they're missing out on. PLEASE do this...