Saturday, November 6, 2010

Song of Gytgo

Here's an unused god-knows-what for some unpublished something-or-other. He's both living and a device and would appear to be imported. Here's a short exchange of him interacting with Sam & Max:


In my world we’d torch that abomination before it thinks up a catchy jingle.

Sam pets Gytgo’s head as Gytgo’s music starts again. Gytgo sings a jingle in Japanese while colorful subtitles dance across the bottom of the screen. Max plugs his ears.

GYTGO (subtitles)

Here we go on a sword of rain

Dinosaurs sing a special train.

Gytgo Gytgo here will stay

To fight onto a slippery day

Gyyt-gooo Gyyyt-gooo

Gytgo’s here to play!

Max’s hands spasm toward Gytgo in strangle attitude. Sam scolds Max-



-as he puts Gytgo away.

SAM (to himself)

I love that.


  1. Okay, THIS is the game Telltale HAS to get the rights for. It HAS to be finished. I want to play it. I don't care what anyone else says... I think it's time.

    Please say yes, Steve?

  2. Would love Gytgo in the next season. <3

  3. I love hem, adorable character disain <3 would love to see the comic of hes interaction with Sam and Max, I wander if Totoro is a reference?

  4. I want a Gytgo plushie ;_; IT LOOKS SO FLUFFY!

  5. There's potential for a stupid pun here: 'right from the Gytgo'.

  6. This has to be the cancelled LucaArt "Freelance Police". See the screenshot here

  7. was this part of the game done? :D
    I heard that the game was almost complete

  8. I wouldn't ask about that particular game... it seems no one who worked on it wants to remember it.

    Still, nice and fun piece of info :D MORE

  9. Maritzac, please! It's been six years! It needs another chance!

    I will do ANYTHING to get that game back. I have illustrated a children's book that my sister and I worked on, and it's being sent off to a publisher. I hope to use some of the money from that book to buy the programming code to that game off of LucasArts and finally get that game finished. I'm that desperate.

    Anyone else who wants that game back, don't be afraid to speak up!

  10. Don't get me wrong, I think all the fans want that game, me included... but there must be reasons why it can't be released. Probably legal or something, I dunno. Maybe the reasons can't be disclosed also for legal reasons. T'is a mystery.

    Oh well, I look forward to anything that has Sam and Max in the future, even if we can't get that bit of past.

  11. I am trying as hard as I can to convince LucasArts' new president, Paul Meegan, that that game deserves another chance. I sent him a letter... I hope he reads it!

    That, and I'd love to hear Bill Farmer and Nick Jameson voice Sam and Max once again. I miss them... I also wish all sixteen episodes were redubbed to include them!

  12. Maritzac, the game wasn't released because Lucas pussed out at the last minute and said, in this paraphrased quote "The market isn't right for us to release an adventure game and have it be successful." But apparently in their eyes the market was ready for a few more garbage star wars games so we could all play the Battle of Hoth a few more times.

  13. Shmargin: Eeeew.

    Is that the official reason? Because seriously, it makes no sense. But sometimes big corporations do stuff like that, so, not really unbelievable.

    It does make even less sense that apparently the games was almost finished. I dunno. Weird.

    And now the sitch has changed in all fronts. Like I said, "oh well".

  14. Steve, what are your thoughts on all of this?

  15. well guys, I was waiting for that game back in the 2004, and as big fan of the series when they said that it wasn't coming out my hart broke. However now we have a lot of new sam & max games, game that are better every new episode, don't be sad about that lucas game, as you can see, sam & max isn't dead :)

  16. If Sam and Max got their original voices back, I'd believe you, Diritto.

  17. well, for me the new voices are just fine :D
    All the sam & max voices were great, the lucas game, the talltales games and even the cartoons one :D

  18. Well, I know you like the current voices, but I strongly prefer the original voices, mainly because I feel that they haven't gotten a fair chance lately. Their recent game was interrupted, and their only other project isn't currently being sold in the United States.

    And, I'll be honest with you, I was a bit disappointed that Max's original voice wasn't in Poker Night At The Inventory. I really thought it was going to be in there, because an article I read said, word for word, that Strong Bad, the Heavy, AND Max were ALL going to be voiced by their original voice actors:

    And when I watched the trailer and found that Max was NOT going to be voiced by his original actor, my heart sank. I really felt like I had been lied to. I was under the intention that Telltale would have finally hired an actor that had first breathed life into Max at least fifteen years ago, instead of sticking with someone who is clearly NOT the original voice of Max, and wasn't even in the first episode.

    If Steve or anyone from Telltale is reading this, please understand how I feel right now.

  19. Having recently played Hit the Road I got to enjoy the voices of the first game, but I love the voices in the new games to death.

    It's a matter of perception. I played the Telltale games first so to me, David and William feel like the original voices, that is, the voices I first associated to Sam and Max, next came the voices in the animated series, and finally the Hit the Road voices.

    " their only other project isn't currently being sold in the United States."

    What's this?

  20. Sam and Max Hit The Road. It's not sold in stores in the United States, it's not sold on Steam, on Gametap, or on GOG.

  21. I want this. I want to hug it and play with it and love it forever. I want to take it home and squeeze it and call it George.
    Thank you, Steve Purcell. My life is now completely empty, as I shall never have this.

  22. it's from the cancelled game "Freelance Police". I saw it in the trailer.

  23. It looks an awful lot like a Totoro.